Engineering and industrial sectors require specialist high-quality, efficient alignment services and Optimech have worked with thousands of companies Nationally and Internationally providing such services.

Machine Alignment

At Optimech we offer the full package when it comes to Machine Alignment. Using a variety of instruments and technical equipment along with a dedicated technical team to fore fill our customer need and requirements. Machine Alignment covers a diverse range of applications often dependent on the specific application, it is for this reason that we carry a wide range of surveying/measuring instruments.

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Corrugator Alignment

Corrugator alignment is critical due to the nature of the process where the product is conveyed and pulled through a web path.


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Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser alignment is the process to make two or more rotating shafts co-linear, or in the same straight line, both vertically and horizontally Laser shaft alignment can be done utilizing several methods and tools, such as straightedges, callipers, dial indicators, optics, or laser systems. Of these, laser shaft alignment is the fastest and most accurate. 

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Machine Installations

Complementing our machine alignment/surveying services, Optimech also provides Engineering and Technical solutions in machine installations and relocations. Offering complete installations/project packages from marking out to full project managing and installation services.

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Mechanical Maintenance

As a mechanical engineering company, we also offer general mechanical maintenance teams to assist you when needed. Over the years Optimech has provided numerous teams for different reasons from manufacturing new rollers, fault finding, mechanical repairs to inspection work on car presses and modifications on holographic machines.

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