Machine Alignment Engineering Specialists

Our Mission

The mission of Optimech is to provide engineering and technical solutions to the Industrial, Energy and Automotive sector that are innovative, cost effective and professional. Our teams goal is to continuously keep a solid foundation in mechanical and industrial engineering principles, communication and problem solving within our team.


Our Services

Engineering and industrial sectors require specialist high-quality, efficient alignment services and Optimech have worked with thousands of companies Nationally and Internationally providing such services

Our Industry Sectors

Due to the nature of the process, machine alignment is crucial to a number of industries. Optimech apply our expertise to a number of different industries, all with specific requirements for alignment

What Our Customers Say

Nice to finally get a European job underway in Belgium, the chore of several Covid tests etc, but after an almost 2yr drought, its a sign of normality around the corner - 2 x Wallpaper machines currently being realigned for our Belgium customer.

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