Machine Alignment

At Optimech we offer the full package when it comes to Machine Alignment. Using a variety of instruments and technical equipment along with a dedicated technical team to fore fill our customer need and requirements.

Machine Alignment covers a diverse range of applications often dependent on the specific application, it is for this reason that we carry a wide range of surveying/measuring instruments.

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Why Optimech?

Machine alignment should be the number 1 factor on any machine instillation/relocation, or on any existing machinery. This is a crucial part of most planned projects/ maintenance schedules as it determines where and how your machine will be placed and set, Preventing further complications later on in the project.

In today’s competitive markets, where machines of all descriptions are constantly being speeded up, with production and engineering management always looking for ways to reduce waste, energy costs and improve quality and efficiency machine alignment will help with these high margins by reducing product and energy waste. 

Precision Machine Alignment is a proven and effective way of reducing product and energy waste. Reduces downtime, improves product quality and reduces maintenance costs due to common misalignment associated problems such as; bearing failure, overheating, vibration and fatigue.

Optimech Benefits

  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Industrial engineering principles
  • Cost Effective and professional
  • Specialist alignment and mechanical services
  • 24 Hours a day, seven days a week
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Our Industry Sectors

Due to the nature of the process, machine alignment is crucial to a number of industries. Optimech apply our expertise to a number of different industries, all with specific requirements for alignment.

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