Balance cylinder overhaul

This job consisted of changing the seals on the balance cylinder for a customer in France. Before we could start the job, we had a safety meeting to ensure the engineering team was all up to date with the onsite safety regulations, also to be made aware of any possible risks to the job and the surrounding area where we would be working.

Another factor was the area where we would be working was working at height. We determined that the safest way to carry out our task would be to install scaffolding around the area and cordon off the machine, preventing any un-necessary personal heading into the area and creating risks to themselves and to our engineers.

Once all necessary safety measures had been taken, we could then carry out our task. Working in a team and using the relevant lifting equipment the job ran smoothly and within the allocated time.

Due to the high production rate of this machine, it was concluded that this overhaul of the machine was necessary to keep up with demand and prevent further/greater downtime later on in the year.