Blowliner Realignment

We received an enquiry from the RPC group regarding three machines they had on site in South Wales the machines had been installed a few years ago but they were struggling to get the quality of the product required for their customer despite time and money being spent to try and rectify the machines.

An alignment team was dispatched to complete a full survey of the three machines to give the customer a clear overview of the machines.

Whilst the surveys were being undertaken, the alignment engineers were informed by the on-site engineers of mechanical issues that were arising such as the premature failing of linear bearings throughout the machines and quality issues with the products such as excessive flashing, mis-shapes and failings when leak tested.

On completion of the surveys, reports were issued to the customer and a scope of work was decided upon to correct the alignment issues highlighted.

Following re-alignment works by our engineers which included aligning and levelling the main units within the machine, the customer noted a marked increase in quality, reduction in scrap products and reduction in mechanical failures.

Early figures suggest a 5% uplift in OEE and predicted saving of £10K per annum per machine.